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Chicagoland Suburbs 

Presenting Symptoms: Urinary retention, heavy bleeding

“UFE solved my problem and I would have the procedure again.” 

“The heavy bleeding was inconvenient, but when it got to the point where I was having urinary retention, I had no choice but to do something about my fibroid,” says Sharon, a woman in her late thirties. “If I didn’t get to the bathroom the moment I felt I had to go, it ended up that I couldn’t go. Once I even had to get catheterized.”

Sharon knew she needed to do something, but she didn’t want a hysterectomy. While searching the Internet for information, she learned about UFE. “I found a physician in California who did the procedure,” Sharon says, “but I wanted someone close to home, so his nurse gave me the names of two interventional radiologists in Chicago.” Sharon scheduled consultations with both.

According to Sharon, “I chose Dr. Smith because of his thorough medical review, and the fact that he conveyed an impression of experience. In fact, he had performed more UFE procedures than the other physician I consulted with. Plus, he sent a packet of 10 or 12 articles about UFE after my consultation.” Although she could have flown out of state to have the procedure, “because Dr. Smith had done so many UFEs, and he was near my home, I was very comfortable with him. Plus, his nurse Carol was wonderful. She was very reassuring and was willing to share the experiences of other women who had similar symptoms (anonymously, of course).”

Sharon’s experience with the procedure was very good. She says that no matter which physician women choose, “you’ve got to listen to him or her!” Sharon continues, “Dr. Smith suggested I have an epidural. At first I didn’t think I needed one, but I acquiesced and am glad I did. I had no breakthrough pain the day of the procedure or the day after.” Sharon was back to normal, household activities in about three days, and returned to work in two weeks. “I did get tired in the afternoon those first few weeks,” she says, “but I just heeded my body’s signals and took a nap when I needed to.”

Says Sharon, “UFE solved my problem and I would have it again. My suggestion is to schedule a consultation with both your OB/GYN and Dr. Smith, and do your homework about the different procedures that are available. Weigh the pros and cons before you make a final decision.”

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